Lemon Maple Detox Diet 2014

Lemon Diet Detox BookWhat Is The Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet is a simply yet effective body cleanse that is super easy to perform. Best of all the main ingredients for this are lemons, which you can get for cheap pretty much anywhere!

There are variations in how you can do the detox, but the most popular way is to drink 10 – 15 cups of this special lemonade from 5 – 15 days

This detox is known for its ability to help you lose weight as well as naturally removing toxins from your body

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The lemon detox diet was made famous by Beyonce. You don't need to be a celeb to enjoy this easy to use detox though! Simply mix the special syrup with lemons and you are good to go. Priced at £25.95 for 500ml of syrup. (Before using our special code!)
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Beyonce popularised this new weight loss technique when she talked about it on Oprah, check her out here….

You can read more about Beyonce’s diet by clicking on the image below, which is a report from the daily mail


LemonCan I Use Normal Maple Syrup?

Madal bal natural tree syrup was formulated specifically for this detox program and has the correct proportions of mineral concentrations and nutritional value.

The madal bal natural tree syrup consists of high grade maple syrup and is mixed with special blends of palm syrups.

Normal maple syrup can be used but it doesn’t work as well as madal bal syrup. The madal bal syrup is the purest and best choice when using the detox to lose weight.

Lemon detox dietHow Does The Lemon Detox Diet Work?

It works with your body to detox yourself, in effect it is a fast.

A fast is when you abstain from food for a period of time that suits you. This detox is basically liquid food so that you can sustain your fast. It nourishes and energises you, so that you can keep going, without falling over!

Like all fasts it is very important to not eat solid food, the digestion of solids consume most of your bodies energy requirements, in the absence of food your body is free to focus itself on cleansing.

Many religions practice fasting and it has been shown that periodic abstinence from solid food to be a blessing for the entire body, it can be the best investment in improved health you can try.

Lemon TreeHow Does Each Ingredient Work?

The acidity of lemon juice assists the cleansing process, it acts like an internal detergent to dissolve excess fats. The cayenne pepper or ground ginger helps to speed up metabolism and promotes circulation and the elimination of toxins. The syrups are your life support and give you instant energy and nutrition they also provide the liquid medium essential for the efficient flushing of waste from your body.

Pros Of The Lemon Detox

  • Great way to cleanse your body of nasty toxins
  • Can be used for weight loss if you are overweight
  • Natural way to increase energy and vitality
  • Promotes shinier hair and stronger nails
  • Gives you clearer skin and crystal clear eyes
  • Aids your digestive system
  • Overall health improvement and a better sense of well being


Side Effects Of The Lemon Detox Diet

The side effects of this detox are pretty much the same as the side effects from any fast, you will go through a period of time where you will feel pretty bad and lethargic, this is your bodies warning to you. After a while when most of the toxins in your body have been dealt with and washed away you will start to feel remarkably healthier. Some people even report life changing experiences from their first fast. Important to note is that you should listen to your body, if you feel you are over doing it then you must stop your fast, it is also advisable to seek medical advice before attempting anything, friends that have participating in a fast before can also give you really good advice.

Where Can I Buy This Special Detox Mixture

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