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Has anyone tried the lemon juice detox and be successful?

Question by : Has anyone tried the lemon juice detox and be successful?
I recently stumbled upon the lemon juice detox diet on the livestrong website. I am currently doing a cleanse and after I am done with the pills for this one, I want to try out the lemon juice detox. I know its just a quick fix, but It will jump start my diet as I have 30lbs to lose (or more)!

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Answer by Crimson667
Nothing with the words “cleanse” or “detox” should be taken very seriously as a proven method of weight loss or weight management. While many people make outrageous claims about the efficacy of these programs, there is no backing in medical science to prove these claims.

The liver NATURALLY cleans the system daily — that’s what it does. The major component in all of these “cleansing” testimonials is that the people have cleaned up their diet in conjunction with these “detox” programs.

That, by nature of pure logic, will of course work. If you have a filtration system that’s working daily, and you stop adding more sludge, then naturally, the end product will be cleaner and the filter won’t have to work so hard once all the dirt and grime is gone from the source.

Cleanse/detox diets work more as a placebo for the participant, a tangible sign of committing to eating more natural foods, learning how to cook at home, and avoiding boxed frozen meals, fast food, and questionable cafeteria insta-meals.

Learning to cook and shop for natural ingredients (meaning fresh veggies that you cut up and put into your dishes yourself instead of opening a box of dried mix) will do the same thing, but without the alt-med lifestyle required.

The downside of “cleanse/detox” is that they often unnecessarily restrict certain components of a healthy diet, so while it may aid in removing the garbage from your system by mere virtue of not adding more, it also tends to prevent the intake of necessary nutrients, like protein and healthy dietary fats. They also cite ancient Asian lifestyles but completely misinterpret and misrepresent an actual Asian diet as well as the reasons why.

Miso soup is not a complete dinner for a Japanese household, and it never was. Ancient Asian populations were also wracked with poverty and constant civil war, so if there was a dietary restriction back then, it was due to necessity, not out of choice. Neither is green tea.

A sensible, balanced diet with all things in moderation may not be as much fun or exciting, but it’s what works.

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anyone know any drinks not including the lemonade diet or lemon detox that will make me lose weight past?

Question by something: anyone know any drinks not including the lemonade diet or lemon detox that will make me lose weight past?
Thanks guys!

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Answer by Dr.C
OMG yea… I suggest you try the cabbage soup diet, which is so much yummier because you get to eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and on some days of the meal plan you get to eat meat/chicken/fish… its the most effective metabolism boosting diet I’ve tried…
heres a link to the details…

good luck!!

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The Lemon Detox Diet Help :(?

Question by Maddie A: The Lemon Detox Diet Help :(?
can i substitute the tree syrup with anything else? my mum wont buyb the stuff cuz i live in nz and it costs lik $ 150 each bottle so please help me :(

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Answer by Jackie E
You would rather not substitute the Madal Bal syrup for any other as the Madal Bal has the highest nutrient and nourishment levels. Other syrups will impede in cleansing.
A tin only cost $ 79.00 and any additional tin $ 69.00 from the website.There are stores in NZ where you can purchase. Log onto – where to buy page. I bought mine from a Ponsonby store

Cheers, Jackie

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lemon detox diet???????

Question by blondebaby: lemon detox diet???????
have u ever tryed it and what did you think??? how much weight did you loose???????? side effects????? thanks x

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Answer by Abby
I’ve done it 4 times now and I LOVE it! Each time I did it I lost anywhere from 8-12 lbs. When you’re done with it you feel healthy and energetic. Make sure you do some research on it first because you need to make sure you do it the right way. If you decide to try it good luck!!! :)

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the lemon detox diet?

Question by Bridget M: the lemon detox diet?
anyone who has done it? few questions

one: could you eat anything else or were you just subjected to the drinks

two: how did it work for you,

and three: after you did it did you gain weight back get fatter? ot did you keep the weight off and feel good.

thats it thanx guys :)

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Answer by i only want u!!
idk….but i wanna try!

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what is the ‘lemon detox’ diet?

Question by : what is the ‘lemon detox’ diet?
does it actually help you lose weight?
do you eat anything else, or just drink the lemon drink?
how long does the detox last for?
and can you make it at home?

where i live it cost $ 170 and i don’t really want to pay that much.
when i could probley make it at home.

thanks guys ! x

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Answer by All Hale Jasper
You may already know of the lemon detox, which is a detox diet plan aimed to cleanse your liver in order to make you feel fresh, replenished and energetic for the day.

An added effect to the detox plan is weight loss. Many people across the world are choosing to participate in their own lemon detox purely to lose weight.

Many detox diets are controversial, and the lemon diet plan is just the same.

The diet plan has ranging views over whether it is safe, yet the majority of people believe this diet plan is safe.

What is it?

The lemon detox is based on the “madal bal tree syrup” which is a syrup containing the sap of five different trees. These trees include; the maple tree, and four different varieties of a rare Asian palm tree.

These saps are different to regular syrups (such as maple syrups), as they are 100% natural, with no additives.

The addition of water, lemons, sea salt and cayenne pepper aid the detoxification process.

What does it do?:

The lemon diet takes advantage of the bodys natural cleansing process (at its best in the morning), helping your body to flush out unnatural toxins we pick up in the modern lifestyle.

The lemon detox plan also enables your body to lose weight more effectively, and this fact alone has made the lemon diet plan a big name amongst celebrities.

Is it effective?:

Many people have proven results with weight loss when undergoing a lemon diet plan (detox).

Some doctors advise the use of a lemon diet, yet some do not, however it is known across the world for its effectiveness and is used by a rapidly increasing number of people.

Where to buy?:

Health stores usually sell the madal bal syrup, you can pick up spring water, lemons, sea salt and cayenne pepper from your local supermarket or grocery store.

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Q&A: lemon detox diet?

Question by go_go_89: lemon detox diet?
if i couldnt find any herbal laxative tea… what other tea could i drink to replace to drink every night?

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Answer by John C
i think you can just drink detox tea with that diet

but remember!!!

you don’t loose fat you lose water weight. you loose “weight” but not FAT

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The lemon detox diet?

Question by CHRISTY R: The lemon detox diet?
Has any one tried it and had results?

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Baseball
Why is everyone concered about there weight? I was concered badly one time, And I
Got skinny and it wasn’t really fun so I put on a extra few pounds. Your weight is what
god wanted you to be, and if you don’t like it, then you don’t like what god gave you.
You should be happy god gave you a life.

But!, If you really wanna loose weight heres what you do. swimming season is coming
up and I know your really scared people will laugh at you.

– with every meal drink Water or Orange juice, Milk sometimes (Milk is very fattening).

– If you are bored and you think about eating and you think your hungry don’t eat
Because you are really not hungry your just thinking about it. So try to do some sit ups
or push ups instead. Or do what you like to do.

– If you have junk food in your house, then get it all out. Because if you don’t have
Junk food in your house, Guess what, You want be ABLE to eat it.
Let’s say you eat alot of junk food, and you stop eating it. You will drop 15 pounds

– Get some Fruits in your house loaded, and eat those when you are hungry but try
Drinking Lots of water too.

– Exercises –

1.) Punch air – Makes your arm look non-fat.
2.) Running/walking – Good for you also burns what you ate in the past 24 hours.
3.) Biking – Burns the most calories and fun. just ride around fast for 10 – 20 minutes
4.) Swimming burns the same and more as biking, because your using your whole body, You
can loose 5 pounds by swimming for 2 hours doing fast laps.
5.) Weight lifting – Light weights make your muscles the same and get the fat off you
also you look better. Heavy weights – Builds muscles like body builders.

P.S. click this link below to see how much Calories you burn each workout :,5719,s1-4-121-48-1158-1,00.html

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