6 Day Detox Fast (Before & After Pictures)

- September 3, 2016



GET A COPY OF MY Juice RECIPES and Tips here: http://www.ashleyempowers.com/health-detox/

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, I am simply sharing my personal results. Everyone will have different results. I also wanted to mention that I made the majority of my juices and other times I bought fresh squeezed juice from Whole Foods. I did not drink juices with a ton of preservatives or sugar.

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  • Get all my recipes & tips here: http://www.ashleyempowers.com/health-detox/

    Ashley Empowers - 27 months ago

  • Ideas for juicing and drinks -

    Black/ green tea in the morning / lemon water / apple cider.

    Morning juice - ginger , pineapple , apple(pink lady if you like sweetness), lots of kale, broccoli and spinach. The fruit is just for taste. More greens the better.

    Lunch time - carrots, apple, spinach, orange. Keep it simple.

    Drink in between meals. Lots of water I purchased a 2.2 ltr bottle from amazon to help me stay motivated to drink water and remind me to stay hydrated. I also added liquid chlorophyll to my water to add a little green goodness , great for feminine ph and skin. What's good for the plants is good for us.

    Dinner juice- pomegranate, blueberry , kale, spinach, celery , flaxseeds, Apple, 1/2 tsp of spiralina (seaweed / sea vegetable) great source of protein but don't over do it - smells like the ocean.

    Things like grapefruit, ginger, lemon and cranberries are also great for detoxing the body and giving you a glow literally.

    Antonia La Negra - 2 weeks ago

  • Hey Ashley! Did you workout as well during this fast!?

    Nike Awonaiya - 2 weeks ago

  • For the people who lost the weight, did you gain it back?

    xLifeinmotionx - 4 weeks ago

  • Great video,I make videos too and will love it if you check it out 🤗

    Divaa's World - 1 month ago

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