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How to use Coconut Oil for Beauty! Glowing skin & shiny hair… all done on a budget with something most of us just keep in the kitchen ; D

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  • Should you melt down the oil before applying it to your hair?
    UM OK, so maybe I should have touched the product and put it in my hands- Before asking such a dumb question! Now knowing it melts instantly with body heat.

    Marissa Whetsell - 2 months ago

  • I swear by coconut oil for all the things you said and I take coconut capsules every day. it does the same thing from the inside out....❤

    gina o - 4 months ago

  • I would not recommend moisturising head to toe with coconut oil. It gets all over all your clothes, your bed sheets, pillows etc and doesn't matter how much you wash it the smell doesn't go away. At first the smell is fine but after a while it stinks.

    Tan R - 6 months ago

  • If you're prone to acne, coconut oil isn't the best moisturizer. It does clog the pores and isn't the most suitable for all seasons or skin types

    Saphira Elizebeth - 6 months ago

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