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Hi guys!! Thought I would just share some coconut oil beauty ideas!


Sarah Nagel
PO BOX 2687 Vancouver Main
Vancouver BC
V6B 2W8

coconut oil beauty uses recap:
makeup remover
oil cleansing method
coconut oil for hair : hair conditioner
body scrub (coconut oil and sugar)
shaving cream
coconut oil for skin:
heal skin conditions
body/face moisturizer
bath oil, sunscreen, and more!

chemical free beauty at it’s best 😉
I just love coconut oil!!!!

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  • Omg flawless!

    Honey bunny - 3 weeks ago

  • I’m allergic to coconut oil! 😱 what can I use instead?

    Rościsława Frankowska - 3 months ago

  • Also its a good lip balm

    vvghcgjjg gvjjgsgjhf - 3 months ago

  • New drinking game: get a sip whenever she says "coconut oil"

    Davide Zanon - 3 months ago

  • i use coconut for removing my makeup and i also just like to rub coconut oil over my face but im going to be honest im a little scared that it will clog up my pores so i very gently cleanse my skin leaving a bit of the oil on my face (not too much) and honestly if u compare it to just using cleanser my skin is soooo beautifully soft and without coconut oil, and if i just cleanse it, its rlly rough and i have to use moisturiser, with coconut oil, no moisturiser is needed! thank you so much holistichabits and i also want to add, that it kinda lightens my skin and acne scars as another great benefit

    mariyah faisal - 3 months ago

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