- September 2, 2016



Hi guys!! Thought I would just share some coconut oil beauty ideas!


Sarah Nagel
PO BOX 2687 Vancouver Main
Vancouver BC
V6B 2W8

coconut oil beauty uses recap:
makeup remover
oil cleansing method
coconut oil for hair : hair conditioner
body scrub (coconut oil and sugar)
shaving cream
coconut oil for skin:
heal skin conditions
body/face moisturizer
bath oil, sunscreen, and more!

chemical free beauty at it’s best 😉
I just love coconut oil!!!!

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  • Falling in love with coconut oil here. I mainly use to for oil pulling , as toothpaste (1tsp turmeric/1 tbsp coconut oil) and as deodorant . (mixed with baking soda) <3

    Born2neverdie - 5 days ago

  • 😍

    Berfe Öztürk - 1 week ago

  • Great vid! Unfortunately coconut oil does not mesh well with my skin. Actually on the comedogenic scale the number for said oil is very high, meaning it can plug your pores and could potentially lead to giving you breakouts. I would stick to Jojoba oil for skincare!

    Jenn L - 1 month ago

  • Funny thing about Coconut Oil as an SPF... I forgot I had put it on as a moisturizer after my shower so when I went to the beach I didn't realize I had basically fried myself in the sun for a few hours until I saw the dreaded red sunburn when I got home!

    brittTV - 2 months ago

  • U'r eyeliner is so beautiful

    Awi Singh - 2 months ago

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