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Hi guys!! Thought I would just share some coconut oil beauty ideas!


Sarah Nagel
PO BOX 2687 Vancouver Main
Vancouver BC
V6B 2W8

coconut oil beauty uses recap:
makeup remover
oil cleansing method
coconut oil for hair : hair conditioner
body scrub (coconut oil and sugar)
shaving cream
coconut oil for skin:
heal skin conditions
body/face moisturizer
bath oil, sunscreen, and more!

chemical free beauty at it’s best 😉
I just love coconut oil!!!!

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  • *Cholesterol can damage the heart so for many years it was thought that oils that contain cholesterol are naturally bad for the heart and can cause heart disease. But that's not true. There are two different kinds of cholesterol. One is healthy and one is not. Coconut oil contains healthy cholesterol and stimulates the body to create more healthy cholesterol [ Check Details Here >>> ]  which can actually help the heart by lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Healthy fats like coconut oil also boost the immune system which can help the heart fight against heart disease and damage. *

    May Carole - 13 months ago

  • Just a warning for those with very acne-prone skin..coconut oil is 4/5 on the comedegenic scale, and is likely to clog pores! I know it made me break out terribly. I love coconut oil, but I stick to cooking with it! :)

    Lu W - 13 months ago

  • her apearence is basically an advertisement for coconut oil.

    M W - 14 months ago

  • Better than sugar, use one of Dr. Mercola probiotic capsules!! Just add on capsule with a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and massage gently. Your face feels amazing and it cleared up my skin in one use... PS Im not affiliated with Dr. Mercola, just a long time follower for 15 yrs now.. just what I had on hand..

    Faith nGrace - 14 months ago

  • I love coconut oil to use after I put a lot of hairspray in my hair . I have ripped out too much in the past.

    Dex-dex - 14 months ago

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