Eating for Energy vs. Total Wellness Cleanse

- September 2, 2016



What’s the difference between Eating for Energy and the Total Wellness Cleanse? That’s the question I answer in this episode of

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  • Germany!!!!!

    BUSY - 85 months ago

  • im rooting for JPN for the goal

    shylildude - 87 months ago

  • I'm from Spain Yuri, and even though my team is Barcelona FC (visca el Barca!) I'm supporting my country, so far so good. GO SPAIN and thanks for your videos!

    Laia Bertran - 87 months ago

  • That really answered my question..thanks so much! I will look into doing this in the near future...I am looking into getting a blendtec blender to make it easier to eat my greens. I think for me the total wellness cleanse seems like the better choice as I already recognize most of your points in the eatingforenergy program. When you order the totalwellnesscleanse, do you receive everything online? THANKS YURI! PS My name is danish (my Mom's danish) and it sounds like TAE-ya :D

    taya skjelstad - 87 months ago

  • Hey Yuri, I have been trying to better myself when it comes to my diet. But i am having trouble with snacking. What kind of fruits/vegetables would u recommend for loosing weight and helping better our body ?

    Justin Lowe - 87 months ago

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