Eating for Energy vs. Total Wellness Cleanse

- September 2, 2016



What’s the difference between Eating for Energy and the Total Wellness Cleanse? That’s the question I answer in this episode of

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  • Hey Yuri, I have been trying to better myself when it comes to my diet. But i am having trouble with snacking. What kind of fruits/vegetables would u recommend for loosing weight and helping better our body ?

    Justin Lowe - 98 months ago

  • @imnotabear that was supposed to be "Paleo" btw

    imnotabear - 98 months ago

  • @makeuplove12 Yuri advocates high raw vegan. If you gonna eat meat better raw than bbq'ed etc. aleo advocates prefer to let the meat rot to predigest it and simulate the diet they think humans evolved on. Personally, I prefer the aquatic ape theory which says that the critical period of our differentiation from other apes was living in and by the water and living off sea veggies, fish etc. having said that, I believe that we still have our basic vegan physiology mostly intact today.

    imnotabear - 98 months ago

  • i'm supporting anyone who watches my videos like the u.s canada brazil u.k france italy and germany

    Hank Ballsbrick - 98 months ago

  • @Nubster12 What i meant was that typically when people say they gained 30 pounds of muscle in a year, what actually happens is that they gain about 3-4 pounds of muscle, 15 pounds of water and the rest is typically fat. From what i have seen, you are right about what you have said as well though

    JPlesley - 98 months ago

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