How to Grow Long Hair: Coconut Oil (The Secret Ingredient!)

- September 2, 2016



comment with any questions below! and let me know anymore requests 🙂

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  • Regarding henna, if I've been using a regular chemical color n want to start using a henna product, is that ok.

    Carmen Lopez - 31 months ago

  • How offten should I be getting a hair cut to keep my hair healthy ?

    Amanda Armstrong - 41 months ago

  • +Beeyourself7  Super interesting! how often do you use it per week though? like every day or just once in a while? thanks in advance!

    Sus-to-the-anna - 45 months ago

  • Hi, There is a best hair oil i found AL-SHAAFI available that has 50+oils in one bottle & all oils are in use all over the World & has 100% satisfactory feedback on Ebay, it comes with 60 days money back guarantee.... Try it GoodLUCK

    Here is a link

    A S - 48 months ago

  • The part where you said it is impossible to get rid of split ends is not true.I switched from a brush to a hair pick.And since then.which has been since I was a teen,am now 49,have no more split ends.Picks girls.Pick.And gently comb your hair out.That is the magic to NO MORE SPLITS ENDS

    fairybits - 51 months ago

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