does lemon detox work?

Question by Ally B: does lemon detox work?
im trying to lose weight and i want to know if that lemon detox diet really work?
i heard that if you drink a glass of water with lemon whenever youre hungry for two days, you lose like five pounds. how?

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Answer by sommerset
Yes, you’ll lose weight if you drink nothing but water with lemon. Just like you would with pure water but it is not good for your body.
We need a fairly constant source of fuel, food, to perform all the tasks the body does without our even thinking of it. Such as keeping the heart beating, filtering our blood and making urine, recyling our red blood cells…etc. With the lack of any carbohydrate or protien, your body will go to stores of fat in your liver and start to use that as an energy source, then to the internal fat stores that your body uses to “cushion” your organs then finally to breast tissue, if you are a woman, and then to the subcutaneous fat most of us would like to lose.
So, these kinds of diets are extremely hard on the body and usually have no good long-term outcomes.
A low-calorie diet of good, high nutrient food works best. Try to keep a food diary of everything you eat…divide into sections into every food group and try to eat within those groups. I always tell people to try to make themselves eat the 5 to 6 servings of vegetable and fruits. You’ll spend more of your time trying to get these in and less on the other stuff you would have eaten instead. Make a shopping list of foods that are good for you and that you like….leave out the processed, highly salted or sugared ones. Buy these and prepare thought-out meals in advance. Then make sure you’re getting at least 30 minutes of exercise “most days of the week” (national institues of health reccommendation) in the fat burning heart rate zones. And, drink lots of water the help keep you hydrated! Best of luck to you!

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