Q&A: what are the measurements for the lemon detox diet?

Question by liina: what are the measurements for the lemon detox diet?
i have a 20.oz or 591 ml. bottle of water; i know the ingredients in the lemon detox diet but i don’t know how much measurement’s of them to put it… help? PLZZ n thnxx :)

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Answer by Jay
The measurements can be altered a little – To save time, many people make more than just 20 oz at a time. Perhaps you may consider making enough for the whole day or even for 2 days at a time. In that case you would use a larger container.

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  1. dead or alive

    OK, this is rough but i’ve done this before. Are you supplementing with some food, or going straight to it? I mean if its JUST the diet, you will need to add a little more madal bal syrup. I however used maple.
    For a 592ml, about 2 tbs should do it, with 4 tbs of lemon. It depends on how bitter or sweet you want or need it. Its not like an ingredients list, after all it is a fad diet without scientific back up. However, i must say it worked for the week. And then i gained more than i lost. Good luck anyway! We all get desperate sometimes x


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