*Sigh* Oh, Beyonce… Why do people think the “lemon cleanse”/”detox diet”/whatever will hepl them?

Question by FreeCheese: *Sigh* Oh, Beyonce… Why do people think the “lemon cleanse”/”detox diet”/whatever will hepl them?
There is absolutely NO scientific evidence backing this “diet” causing weight loss OR any type of cleansing and almost all of the weight people lose on it is soon regained. Is it because people lose so much water weight they get excited? Because of the promise of the “quick fix” everyone seems to think is possible? Is it because of all the scam ads going around trying to profit on people’s (unrealistic) hope for the instant gratification of weight loss? REAL studies have shown that the only active effect on people this diet gives is the PLACEBO EFFECT along with loss of muscle and water weight. The percentage of weight that is muscle lost on this diet is ridiculous. It seems to the single most asked about diet on here, sadly. I hope this doesn’t have to do with the spam bots on this board who will randomly answer any question (even about weight gain, lol) with, “Try the detox!” Please do heavy research from multiple sources before considering this diet, and look at both points of view.

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Answer by justwondering
Ah yes! The “Beam me up Scottie” mentality. I will magically appear on board the mother ship in a new a slimmer body where I will grab an after dinner pizza and a little desert.

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2 thoughts on “*Sigh* Oh, Beyonce… Why do people think the “lemon cleanse”/”detox diet”/whatever will hepl them?

  1. folladj

    THANK YOU!!! I think all the reasons you listed are valid. People want a simple solution, a quick solution, and anything that promises both is tempting. I have read in multiple articles from health magazines and websites that these detox diets are dangerous. I think people don’t really care though..they are so desperate to achieve “the look” that they are willing to go to extremes. The same logic applies to people who tan regularly: they may know it causes cancer, but they want to be tan so badly that they don’t care. (It appalled me the other day to see an ad for tanning beds- also proven to cause cancer- that actually said tanning was a way to “get your vitamin D”).
    Really appreciated the post!!

  2. sweet tooth

    it’s frustrating to see ppl going for detox/cleanse rather than improve their health and actually lose weight with proper diet and exercise. maybe they have to learn the hard way if they plan to ignore common sense and go for shortcuts , and some never learn. it’s our job to warn that’s all, if adults choose to harm themselves they will pay for it and we have nothing to feel bad about except maybe feel sorry for them.


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