Lemon Detox Diet

- September 3, 2016



GO SUB!!! www.youtube.com/user/beautifulfreakfit

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  • never thought of a diet as a body mod...beautiful logic<3

    Matt Sexton - 60 months ago

  • Why are you so concerned with putting on makeup when you destroyed your looks with the lip and nose piercings? Unbelievable. Your nose ring looks like you have boogers hanging out of your nose. LOL. I know, its your body, but you are not improving your looks this way. Ask anyone.

    alan30189 - 83 months ago

  • You kinda look and remind me of Adele! :)

    Cam coi - 88 months ago

  • are u allowed to take motrin of Ibprophen or any pain releaver medication?!?! :)

    Lauren Thompson - 94 months ago

  • Ive always wanted to know if stretching your ear lobe hurts? it must , but is it worth it?

    USER1046 - 95 months ago

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