- September 3, 2016



Nutritionist Matt O’Neill reveals the Lemon Detox Diet and why it will drop your metabolic rate, reduce muscle mass & could make you fatter!

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  • Great information!

    Richelle Ann - 30 months ago

  • Is he speaking English?

    Xaawo Cali - 45 months ago

  • What i find funny is that most of the people who says that this procedure is bad or dangerous or that you gain your weight again... Are all people who never tried this!
    Everybody i know who did this, including myself, and all the testimonials of people who did it, say that they feel great after and did not regain the weight again, the skin looks and feels great...,basically the experience contradicts the theorists, and that s the truth. I did it, I am actually doing ti again, 7th day, and i highly recommend it.


    inaciocook - 54 months ago

  • I enjoy the taste of the lemonade. Sometimes I use a lime. The best syrup is maple.

    Ramona Leigh B - 55 months ago

  • Thanx for this info. Agree, it's harmful & very brutal on your body.  Too bad you paid so much  for your kit    I put my weight on very slowly over the years, and I am taking it off slow & safe.  I drink warm lemon water w/ a dash of cayenne B4 every meal and I've eliminated all sugars, grains, carbs and processed  foods.  

    Terry Gascay - 55 months ago

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