My 1 Week Beauty Detox Diet (Part 1) // 1주일간 뷰티 디톡스 다이어트! (파트 1)

- September 2, 2016



Instagram: @bell0216
Lately, I have been eating out too much and lots of unhealthy food. So, I’ve decided to do a 1 week beauty detox diet where I try to eat as clean as possible. Follow me as I walk you through a week of what I eat and exercise, etc. This video will be split up into 3 parts. Hope you enjoy!

How I make my green smoothies:

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  • the first few days are the worst...after that you almost dont feel hungry at all and just the thought of greasy food makes you feel so bad cause you feel so clean inside :)

    hanna cidh - 3 days ago

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    Valene Fifi - 3 days ago

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    Jessica Blakeney - 4 months ago

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    Jessica Blakeney - 4 months ago

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