My Beauty Secret – Coconut Oil ♡

- September 2, 2016



Sharing my number 1 beauty secret with you guys! If you want to know how to get rid of dark under eye circle’s, wrinkles, a good night time moisturizer, condition dry chapped lips, repair damaged hair, and moisturize dry cuticles than watch this video on how I use coconut oil to do all those things. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new!

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Soft Neutral Smokey Eye:

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Song Title: Illusions
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Comments (286)

  • The best is if you use a matte long lasting liquid lipstick the coconut oil will take it right off 😁

    Helene Jordan - 2 months ago

  • Coconut is good for under eyes but clogs pores on face.

    Stephanie Cruz - 6 months ago

  • I love your accent yeah truly coconut oil is great and has s multiple uses but I can t dare to use it on face

    Salim Assaf - 6 months ago

  • I've recently discovered the amazing benefits of coconut oil [ Check Details Here >>> ]. This is such a versatile substance. It's good for so many things! It gives an excellent presentation of how to purchase and use coconut oil. Her book is full of great tips and instructions. This book is great for a beginner or a pro.

    Sandro Anandez - 8 months ago

  • I'm so glad I watched your video I bought the 100% extra virgin coconut oil a few months ago but on a different YouTube video she said it was great at 1st but then caused her to get a really bad rash all over her face and that she doesn't have sensitive skin That scared the hell out of me seeing the pics of her face but I'm sick of not being able to get rid of the dryness under my mature hereditary really dark circles and having my concealer cling to the dry area no matter how much eye cream I apply even with using hydrating primer under my eyes I'm definitely going to use it tonight and hopefully get the results you have from using it Thsnk you for sharing your beauty secret☺

    Desiree Lane - 11 months ago

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