Quitting sugar: A 10-day detox plan for weight loss

- September 2, 2016



Leader of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman, believes there is new hope for the tens of millions of people who are overweight or obese. Hyman joins

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  • How many times does he need to explain the term detox

    Gerri Palmer - 4 days ago

  • Again, depending on the person it could take a lot longer than 10 days. I know he says about but for me the struggled was about 1.5 months to detox. Everyone is different

    Wojtek (V OY - tech) Grajewski - 3 weeks ago

  • Look how fat Oprah's friend has gotten. I guess getting rich also gets you fat. She needs to follow Dr. Hyman's book and quit sugar.

    Josie Longo - 2 months ago

  • That’s why she went vegan? That has zero correlation with the amount of sugar one consumes

    Amy Sirawsky - 2 months ago

  • All carbs are not created equal. Carbohydrates are sugars. Even vegetables are converted into blood sugar. The secret to eating a healthy low sugar diet is to choose your carbohydrates wisely. Most of your carbohydrates ( sugars) should come in the form of fibrous vegetables. Vegetables give you a tremendous amount of nutritional value with almost no empty calories. Where as grains, processed sugar like high fructose corn syrup and even fruits can be high in sugar while limited in nutrition.

    Mike Cola - 8 months ago

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