The Lemon Detox Diet – Michelle Bridges Vlog

- September 3, 2016



Mish shout outs to fans, chats about crazy diets – yup she talks about the Lemon Detox Diet, her book tour, the happiness talk and the latest Big W catalogue shoot.

Twitter: @MishBridges

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  • I just saw this video and am soooo excited! Thanks for your kind words Mish :)

    Sophie Kay - 42 months ago

  • Excellent video. Too much nutrition nonsense thrown around people are conflicted and confused. True inspirational leaders such as yourself lead the way. Need to buy your book. On the happiness mindset note... Aware of your powerful driven mind - please write a book about the mental aspect one-day. Yes being in the same room as the Dalai would feed lifelong energy you will draw it to you. You want it - you get it. Universal concept.

    Colin Van Der Woude - 42 months ago

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