Total Wellness Cleanse FAQs

- September 2, 2016


8 Comments . Everything you ever wanted to know about the Total Wellness Cleanse is in this video. Watch it now and learn what to expect during this amazing 30-day food-based cleansing program. If you want to lose at least 10 lbs in a month and look and feel amazing then get started today at

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Comments (8)

  • Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of total wellness cleanse on my blog at josereviews. com/total-wellness-cleanse-review/ Thanks, Meredeth.

    emi nik - 19 months ago

  • @ $247. bucks for "information" it's smarter and cheaper to do your own research and read up on holistic foods. Not everyone can afford these "health" lessons. Besides there's no guarantee that once you give over your credit card information you won't get charged repeatedly. Seems that happens more and more frequently these days. Been burned once. Not going "there" again!

    blewis9505 - 88 months ago

  • @010101o what is the salt for?

    Rosallier - 93 months ago

  • @ajbalagtas due to asymmetric usage of arms (left/right handedness) many people have slightly different size/degrees of the collar bone. only if it causes problems you should consider going to a doc.

    Paul K - 94 months ago

  • hello yuri, you comment on the cleanse about dary, what about Skim Goat Yougurt, better than normal Goat Yougurt or worse? Saluti !!!

    Enric dCS - 94 months ago

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