Total Wellness Cleanse FAQs

- September 2, 2016



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  • What? Take a #2 2-3 times a day? That does not sound right. I'd go 1/day in the morning and drink alot of water...but I don't eat like white folks or as much. I just don't think I eat enough to go #2 more than 1/day!

    tigerbalm - 66 months ago

  • It's true that we are exposed to a lot of harmful things, and many of us would do well to eat healthier. But just to the worriers out there, a little biology knowledge: the body is very capable of fixing itself and maintain internal "harmony" (to a certain extent) But if you love cleanses, then by all means, go for it

    ann3tt - 66 months ago

  • What an awesome way of displaying your recipes - the easel will be a huge help for unorganized raw foodies like me! You are an incredible source of nutritional info. I appreciate that the focus of your cleanse isn't solely on weight loss but encompasses the myriad of cleansing benefits. Many thanks, my friend.

    Amy Motoyama - 66 months ago

  • 1st bitches!

    BEANHEAD BEAN - 66 months ago

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