Truth about Nutri Lean Forever 9 Clean Detox Diet Plan Prog

- September 2, 2016



Tried and tested 9 day detox by Nutri-Lean Forever 9 Detox

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  • Hi
    If anybody is interested to join FLP business pl call me on 9999357994. The FLP Products are world best products

    Dalchand Yadav - 8 months ago

  • She is lying, I have given same products to my more than 20 clients and they all got the results, She just don't like FLP products i think this is a reason to make this fake vedio

    HAPPU BABA Entertainment - 21 months ago

  • I have just finished it and lost 7llb but now it's just a case of eating healthy so it was a good starting point but probably could of done it healthy eating it was a good kick start

    Jane Lavender - 27 months ago

  • Did you really do that for 9 days and then get back on food and wine?!?!

    Plant Based Paul - 27 months ago

  • Hi can you not drink coffee on c9 I can't see it in the book and I have been drinking it thnx

    Jane Lavender - 27 months ago

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