Truth about Nutri Lean Forever 9 Clean Detox Diet Plan Prog

- September 2, 2016



Tried and tested 9 day detox by Nutri-Lean Forever 9 Detox

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  • She is lying, I have given same products to my more than 20 clients and they all got the results, She just don't like FLP products i think this is a reason to make this fake vedio

    HAPPU BABA Entertainment - 12 months ago

  • I have just finished it and lost 7llb but now it's just a case of eating healthy so it was a good starting point but probably could of done it healthy eating it was a good kick start

    Jane Lavender - 18 months ago

  • Did you really do that for 9 days and then get back on food and wine?!?!

    Jolly Good Feller - 18 months ago

  • Hi can you not drink coffee on c9 I can't see it in the book and I have been drinking it thnx

    Jane Lavender - 18 months ago

  • How about you just drink water and take a multi vitamin tablet ... Bet youl have the same effect and it won't skin you 200 quid either! !! Best way to loose weight is to eat less and move more. cut out crap , eat clean and drink plenty water. ffs peopl

    linzibingbong - 18 months ago

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